Project Description

100 Years of Kalidas Gandhi is a photo story documenting Tana’s family’s multi-generational Ayurvedic shop that is over 100 years old in Pune, India.

The photo story is displayed as a “day in the life” sharing images of the same spaces that were occupied by her great grandparents to the people that are at the shop today. It’s meant to be a photo diary and a time capsule of how she grew up seeing her family’s shop run day to day.

Excerpt from her talk at the showcase:

“ I’m in awe of how much history is in such a small place like this on such a small street. There are always people coming and going, sharing stories of how the shop was run, of how many people this shop has helped and how much weight is behind being associated with Kalidas Gandhi, the ayurvedic shop that’s on Centre St.”

This project is now in development to be a photo book.

This project was created as part of a 10 week course with the Art of Freelance and won the Staff Pick award in Fall 2018. The project was presented as a video slideshow at the final presentations and selected for the artist showcase.

Video slideshow presented at Art of Freelance showcase